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Secret Spirits has found a kindred passion for exceptional spirits in the amazing team at Market Wines and with their help have been able to create this exclusive member only opportunity.

The Secret Spirits Circle will provide ongoing discounts, exclusive limited quantity spirits, Circle only offers, first options on any Secret Spirits releases, threshold gifts and even a bonus discount for referring new members.

Access to the Secret Spirits Circle starts with only a $100 purchase through the online portal. Your unique membership number will be issued and the progress to the first threshold level will commence.

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5th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Yes we've done it again headed to Scotland and hand selected an amazing journey across the regions and styles that make up the most iconic whisky landscape on earth.

We have had some of our biggest challenges on this 5th edition and it has taken perserverence, sleepless nights and breakfast whisky to enravel the creative juices to get across the finish line.

We have worked hard to make this extremely limited calendar even more affordable this year without sacrificing even one bit on the amazing quality of the whiskies. If you have not tried our Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar before then its time to join the adventure.
$399.95 / 1 Case
Sale Price: $349.95

3rd Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

The 3rd edition boasted some amazing whiskies including the first closed distillery bottling ever in any of our calendars, Really hard to find these at any retailer but we will search high and low to get you one until there are no more.

If you want to check out the whiskies then go here SPOILER ALERT
$700.00 / 1 Case
Sorry, this one is sold out.

3rd Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar "Collector's Edition"

The Collector's editions have only been produced so far for the 2nd and 3rd editions. Only 100 were made for each with solid rosewood and brass fittings. These pieces weigh almost 15 Kilograms and are furniture for your dining room or bar. Comes with the corresponding editions whisky and you can play all over again the following year with a purchase of a regular edition and transferring the contents.

Each one has a numbered brass plate so you know that you are only one of 100 people in the world to own this extremely rare edition.

The Collectors editions contain a lapel pin specially designed for only 100 people and we have added a hand blown glass water dropper from Angel's Share glass.

If you want to look at the 2nd and 3rd edition whiskies go here SPOILER ALERT
$1500.00 / 1 Case
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Rum's Revenge Treasure Chest


Rum's Revenge is a chest full of amazing rum's, a cool skull glass and a treasure map to guide you. 

$219.95 / 1 Case
Sale Price: $148.75

Secret Spirits Tiki Curse - Tiki Drink Kit

This is how you get a party started! The Rums Revenge Tiki Curse gift box is a must have for entertaining in the backyard. Included in the box is a collectable Tiki Mug, 237mL bottle of locally produced Porters Tonic Cardamon Orange Tonic Syrup and a 700mL bottle of Six Saints Rum from Grenada. The easy to follow recipe for this delicious Tiki drink is on the back.

Beware - drink more than one and you will feel the curse
$99.95 / 1 Case
Sale Price: $59.95

4th Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Ahhh the 4th edition, we here at Secret Spirits were living life on the edge when we created this list of 25 amazing whiskies. Almost insurmountable odds were conquered to make this edition a reality. There are not a lot of them left however if you missed out and really want one we can help make it happen.

An incredible journey as always and the most whisky bottled under the Secret Spirits label to this point (ps I pick delicious casks).

If you want to check out the whiskies then go here SPOILER ALERT
$600.00 / 1 Case
Sale Price: $499.00

2nd Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

The second and probably most epic list of whiskies. Lets just say that Secret Spirits went a bit nuts with the whisky in this edition.

These are almost completely gone and will soon join the 1st edition as a mythical unicorn.

If you want to check out the 2nd edition whiskies go here SPOILER ALERT
$650.00 / 1 Case
Sale Price: $599.00

1st Edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Yes I still have 2 of these and I know of a few collector's out there that grabbed an extra one when they came out in 2014. We have had offers exceeding $ 3000 and are not going to part with number 1 or 2 of 400. Wish we had kept a few more intact.

What we do have though for you collector's that just have to complete a set are the 1st edition lapel pins and the 1st edition Spiegelau Tumbler Whisky Glass. Just contact us if you want to purchase either of these to complete your set.
$3000.00 / 1 Case
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Stronachie 10 year old A.D. Rattray

94 points in the Whisky Bible
$62.95 / 1 Bottle

Malt Whisky Company Glenrothes 8 Year Old Sherry Cask

More of that caramel note and sweetness rises above the meaty spice. More sherry influence here and creamy cocoa with the water taming it a great deal

$149.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Hyde 1860 Irish Whiskey Burgundy Cask

A creamy nutty palate with notes of sweet custard, apple peel, red berries and orange blossom honey. A nice long satisfying finish of plum, jam and spice ending with a silky combination of oak and barley. Much like the 1916 this Irish Whiskey starts life as a high corn mashbill Single Grain aged in an "alligator" char 1st fill Bourbon Barrel. The 1860 is then finished in a Burgundy Pinot Noir cask that imparts just the right amount of tannin and complexity to make this whiskey uniquely delicious.
$74.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Hyde 1938 Irish Whiskey Sherry Cask

Wonderfully smooth yet complex, creamy yet fruity with notes of caramel and Manuka honey, apricot, plum, and a silky malt texture. Born from a combination of 18 Year Old Single Malt and 8 Year Old Single Grain. This completely Sherry matured Irish Whiskey won best Blended Irish Whiskey in the world at the World Whisky Awards in 2017.

$94.95 / 1 Bottle
Only 1 Left, Act Quick!

Hyde 1916 Irish Whiskey Bourbon Cask

Cinnamon and Clove with succulent sweet caramel flavours. Complex and spicy with sweet American Bourbon notes. This triple distilled single grain Irish Whiskey is aged in "alligator" heavily charred 1st fill Bourbon barrels imparting deep colour and flavour. With a mash bill of 90% corn this is a lovely sweet Bourbonesque whisky that leaves you wanting another dram... or two.
$69.95 / 1 Bottle
Only 3 Left, Act Quick!

Wemyss Malts Applewood Bake 26 Year Old Single Grain Invergordon

$164.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Wemyss Malts Barista's Dram 14 Year Old Craigellachie Sherry Cask

$109.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Wemyss Malts Kiln Embers - Limited Edition

$74.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

A.D Rattray Bank Note

Bank Note is a 5 Year Old blended Scotch made from 40% Single Malt and 60% Single Grain ratio which is huge for a blend in this price category. The Single Malt component is blended from Speyside and Highland Distilleries with the Single Grain coming from Lowland Distilleries. Bank Note is a recreation of the brand as it was 100 years ago including the old style label.
$44.95 / 1 Bottle

A.D Rattray Tomintoul 15 Year Old - Fino Sherry Cask

6 bottles available only
We found this lonely case of 6 bottles covered in dust in the back corner of the warehouse and were super excited as this was day 1 in the 2nd edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and we thought all these bottles were long gone. Cask Strength of 61% and a rare Fino Cask Aged Scotch.
$199.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Wemyss Marmalade Appeal Glenrothes 27 Year Old Single Malt - Sherry Cask

The latest offering for the Secret Spirits Circle is one of a series of incredible expressions of Glenrothes bottled by Wemyss Malts. This dram was part of our 3rd edition Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar and was day 21. We only have a very limited number of bottles available and as is the case with every single cask once it’s gone there will never be any more.

 Tasting Notes from

Color:   Light for such an old Sherry aged whisky but no doubt being a butt and potentially 2nd or refill (3 or more fills) we only get a shadow of what we might have if it was a first fill. I actually really like refill for older sherried expressions as a sherry cask can very quickly overwhelm especially delicate malt.

$299.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Fukano Limited Edition Japanese Whisky

Fukano Whisky 2018 Edition is a limited edition of 5,055 bottles. It is made up of 8 used European oak casks and 3 refill sherry casks. This vatting of casks was put together to showcase how diverse and creamy the Fukano Whisky can be, and is a combination of malted and un-malted rice distilled in a pot still. The weight of this whisky covers the palate with a silky texture expressing creme brûlée and butterscotch. The finish is a unique combination of vanilla and umami that lasts long after your final sip.

$129.95 / 1 Bottle

Cask Orkney 18yr - Limited Edition

A.D. Rattray Cask Orkney 18 Year Old Single Malt – Limited Edition

A.D. Rattray’s Cask Orkney celebrates this Neolithic folklore with an exceptional single malt. Capturing the island spirit, it is deeply engaging and perfectly balanced with a rich range of flavours working in perfect harmony.

Cask Orkney is a limited edition single malt release which has been matured for 18 years in superior ex-bourbon casks. It fits neatly into A. D. Rattray’s portfolio alongside Cask Islay and is a ‘must’ for fans of island malts.

Colour: Olive gold

Nose: Subtle and soft, with green apple and nutmeg, wood spice, sea salt and a hazy smoke.

Palate: Toffee, peach and apricot, with a rich velvety texture, sweet background smoke and a dry nutty finish.

A.D. Rattray, an independent whisky company established in 1868, are renowned for selecting and maturing Scotland’s best casks of single malt whisky for their Cask Collection single cask range. Their whisky portfolio also includes the award-winning single malt brands Cask Islay and Stronachie and the premium blend, Bank Note. Based on the West Coast of Scotland, you can visit their 5 star visitor attraction and home of their brands, the A. D. Rattray Whisky Experience and Shop in Kirkoswald, Ayrshire.

$139.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Shetland Reel

Shetland Reel Blended Malt Batch No. 1

Stuart Nickerson is never backward in coming forward and his fast track rebranding of Glenglassaugh is proof. Stuart came up with the fun idea of moving barrels from the mainland all the way up to Unst, aging them there and bottling them as Shetland Reel blended malt. I am a true believer in Stuarts abilities and pedigree when it comes to whisky and so I was not surprised even one bit that this blended malt is absolutely delicious.

Colour: Nice polished gold hue with a touch of something deeper when you tilt the bottle.

Nose: Char and spice like leaning over an old tandoori clay oven and smelling the years of delicious dishes that have been prepared along with a smoky edge that infuses everything.

Palate: Like what the inside of my pencil case would have tasted like if I decided to eat it instead of what mum packed inside my lunch box when I was a kid at school. Rubber and pencil shavings with a mouth coating waxy character (crayola). Dried mandarin peel and turmeric.

Finish: lovely warming length that carries a long way past the palate. Dates and sweetly burning incense

$89.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Samaroli S'Peaty 1995

Samaroli Peaty Blended Malt aged together in a refill Sherry Butt # 54 for 20 Years. Islay (Laphroaig), Island (Highland Park) and Speyside (undisclosed). Bottled with no caramel or chill filtration at the Samaroli strength of 45%.

Color: Even being a refill Butt there is a nice antiqued golden age to this after 20 years.

Nose: Sweet and savory BBQ sauce on a side of Ribs. The fabulous part of this nose is that there is instant peat recognition but no smoky overtone. Heavily char grilled Cinnamon crusted Pineapple slabs. Earthy sweetness here reminding me of Manuka Honey.

Palate: The earthy peaty notes carry the weight of this whisky that now throws in bitter citrus and roasted turnip. The sweetness was certainly more about the nose as there is oily coating brined beef jerky making a play and the sweetness is all but gone.

Finish: The bitter citrus lingers, floating on a layer of slowly dwindling meaty flavor. Really full and palate filling for 45%. Even a touch of spark that numbs the sides of the mouth would make me think that this is more like cask strength.

This is a delicate slowly warming dram that gets larger as you get more into it. I would like to spend more time with a full bottle of this just to get to know it a lot better. I’m still tasting more on the finish… You can read the entire blog here

$349.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Edradour Ibisco Sherry Matured 2004

$184.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Edradour Ballechin Port 13yr

Incredibly limited
$122.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Wemyss Nectar Grove

$84.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Wemyss Vanilla Burst

$84.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.

Wemyss Treacle Chest

Nose: Granola bars filled with raisins and sultanas, Seville orange peels, Demerara sugar.

Palate: Cinnamon and nutmeg kick things off, softened slightly by sweet hints of white chocolate and strawberry. Richly malty.

Finish: Dense Oloroso and damson.

$84.95 / 1 Bottle
Sorry, this one is sold out.