A.D Rattray Bank Note

A.D Rattray Bank Note

Bank Note is a 5 Year Old blended Scotch made from 40% Single Malt and 60% Single Grain ratio which is huge for a blend in this price category. The Single Malt component is blended from Speyside and Highland Distilleries with the Single Grain coming from Lowland Distilleries. Bank Note is a recreation of the brand as it was 100 years ago including the old style label.
$44.95 / 1 Bottle


Colour:    Antique Gold

Nose:     Light honey, plums and nectarines. a bowl of cheerio’s brings out the cereal notes.

Palate:     Creamy nougat squares, white chocolate shavings and vanilla essence.

Finish:     Clean tangy citrus – lemon zest, caramel flan. Nothing unpleasant here or rough edges found in most blends at this price level.