Shetland Reel

Shetland Reel

Shetland Reel Blended Malt Batch No. 1

Stuart Nickerson is never backward in coming forward and his fast track rebranding of Glenglassaugh is proof. Stuart came up with the fun idea of moving barrels from the mainland all the way up to Unst, aging them there and bottling them as Shetland Reel blended malt. I am a true believer in Stuarts abilities and pedigree when it comes to whisky and so I was not surprised even one bit that this blended malt is absolutely delicious.

Colour: Nice polished gold hue with a touch of something deeper when you tilt the bottle.

Nose: Char and spice like leaning over an old tandoori clay oven and smelling the years of delicious dishes that have been prepared along with a smoky edge that infuses everything.

Palate: Like what the inside of my pencil case would have tasted like if I decided to eat it instead of what mum packed inside my lunch box when I was a kid at school. Rubber and pencil shavings with a mouth coating waxy character (crayola). Dried mandarin peel and turmeric.

Finish: lovely warming length that carries a long way past the palate. Dates and sweetly burning incense

$89.95 / 1 Bottle
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